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May 2014
Turn Back Time: Music from the 80s

An exciting and energetic program featuring hits from the 80s. We had instrumentals, small groups, Challis Kids and even a beat boxer!


We built this city  (Starship)     

The longest time  (Billy Joel)     

Men's medley                            

Women's medley                       

Throw your arms around me (Hunters and Collectors)

Pride (U2)                               

Star Wars instrumental        

Africa (Toto)                

Head over heels (ABBA)

Mickey (Toni Basil)

Down under (Men at Work)

Neverending story

Musical theatre medley

Turn back time (Cher)

Walk like an Egyptian (The Bangles)


October 2014
Shifting Sands: Songs about Change


Fame (Gore and Pitchford)

Deep river (Trant)

Furusatowaimamokawarazu (Kenji Niinuma)

The silver swan (Gibbons)

If I had a million dollars (Page and Robertson)

Circle of life ( John and Rice)

Rain, rain, beautiful rain (Joseph Shabalala)

I can see clearly now (Johnny Nash)

Fix you (Berryman et al)

Man in the mirror (Garrett and Ballard)


Challis Kids 

Mean (Taylor Swift) 

Let it go (K and R Lopez)

Sass & Grit

Isn’t she lovely? (Stevie Wonder)

Somebody that I used to know (Gotye)

Miss Otis regrets (Cole Porter)

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